About Us

Personality Pills are seriously designed JUST FOR YOU… or someone you love… or don’t love… or someone that really, really needs a 100% sure-fire, guaranteed, trusty and reliable, safe and totally delicious solution to their serious problems.

Yep, we are right up there with the greatest advances in medical science delivering tasty cures for the world’s biggest issues. Laughter is absolutely the best medicine for all ills and we deliver it in large doses! In fact, you cannot overdose on laughter making this one of the safest cures available.
Proudly brought to you by That’s Entertaining, these pills can cure anything that you believe they can cure using the yummiest chocolate pills on Earth.

Yes… we know… It is boring to read the instructions but, be sure to check the back of the bottle to prescribe it for whoever you want to save from their horrible situation. Personality Pills are a gift, a greeting card and a big laugh, all packed into one bottle of scrumptiousness.

Oh, and for anyone who buys these pills and actually believe they will deliver a real medical solution to your hideous diseases and psychological traumas…. Sorry to disappoint you, these really are, ‘Just for Fun!”