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April 29, 2019 2 min read

Dining with just one hand can be a frustrating and difficult process. Most people who’ve lost the use of one hand or limb find eating food with family or friends to be challenging and awkward. It is certainly true that people with the use of only one hand are very good in adapting to the given situation however the availability of specialised utensils can make the dining experience less frustrating and certainly much more enjoyable.
There are many products such as scoop plates, food guards, adapted silverware, rocker knives and many other utensils which are designed to make the self feeding experience more enjoyable.
The KFS easy eat utility brings the new age of technology and convenience to self feeding for people with just one hand. Designed by Peter Scott, an Australian inventor with many popular and commonly used innovations to his credit, the KFS is a knife and fork and spoon as well as a twist top bottle opener and a ring pull can opener combined together in a featherweight, robust, safe and convenient eating utensil.
The beautiful chrome finish and ultramodern, sleek design, look beautiful in any situation and yet are not obvious or will not cause embarrassment to the people using them. The fork and spoon are essentially the same as you would expect with any other cutlery except that the spoon is deeper so that people who suffer from tremors will not spill as much liquids from the spoon.
The rocker knife is situated underneath the utensil and away from the times so that it cannot come in contact with the lips and is cleverly designed to cut through foods with it easy for wood rocking motion. The very clever handle provides two forms of secure holding depending on the difficulties encountered by the person using the KFS.
The wide handle provides secure grasping for those people who can use firm hand closure however there is an alternative provided in the handle with the inclusion of a loop through which the sum can be inserted to securely hold the utensil without having to grasp at or close your hand.
Tough, easy to clean, dishwasher proof, featherlight so it can be carried easily in your pocket or purse, the KFS is the ideal solution for anyone seeking one-handed self feeding or for people suffering from tremors or hand closure and grasping difficulties.