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April 29, 2019 2 min read

KFS is an innovative and revolutionary design thats sole purpose is to act as assistive cutlery for elderly or handicapped people. The idea behind KFS is to provide a one-stop solution for people who may suffer from lack of control within one of their hands, or those who struggle to use a traditional knife and fork. The KFS Easy Eat utensil is effectively an eating utensil which has been designed specifically to help aid those who may suffer from conditions or diseases that prevent them from eating normally. Additionally, those who suffer through eating normally, such as through extensive pain or tremors will also benefit from the feather-light, ergonomic design of the KFS product.

Since the product’s launch, we have helped many thousands of sufferers of arthiritis, elderly persons, handicapped persons, people living with Parkinson’s and similar degenerative diseases as well as those with loss of arm or hands to help bring them back to a fully functional eating routine. The product serves as a five-in-one utensil. Providing all of the benefits of traditional cutlery, KFS boasts a knife, fork and spoon in a handy to use ergonomic design. Additionally, the KFS Easy Eat product also contains a screw top opener and a flip top can opener. The main idea and principle behind the product is to allow people who cannot eat using traditional cutlery to gain a sense of independence once again. As an all-in-one revolutionary knife, fork and spoon, the purchasers of our innovative product are able to benefit from a completely independent eating regime. The design and product is suitable for all occasions.

The product is made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), which is a high-strength, high impact, flame resistant and dishwasher save material. The material is extremely durable and long lasting, and has allowed us to shape the product into something which will benefit those who need assistive cutlery. The blade is sharp enough to cut through foods such as steaks, and the spoon is specifically designed to part the steak as the knife cuts through the food. However, the knife is uniquely positioned in order to prevent contact with the facial area, and particularly the mouth.

The KFS Easy Eat assistive eating utensil is roughly the width and length of a traditional spoon. The KFS is suitable for children and is actually as safe to use as traditional and conventional knife, fork and spoon. The KFS is patent pending within the United States and Australia with further country patent applications being processed for global release. The KFS was designed in Australia. As an eating utensil, the KFS Easy Eat utensil has already transformed the lives of many through creating the opportunity for independent eating.