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April 29, 2019 1 min read


Many people face serious eating challenges as a result of compromised and strength from a stroke or an injury, spasticity from a neuromuscular condition, or Parkinson’s disease or another condition that causes tremors or weakness.
The KFS easy eat utensil is a five in one, ultralight, durable and great looking solution to many self-feeding difficulties. Particularly popular with people that suffer from grasping or hand closure issues, as well as people who are forced to sell feed with one hand only, the KFS provides a single piece of cutlery that those five jobs very, very well.
The specially designed some loop which is in the handle of the KFS provides an alternative holding solution with full control over the utensil without the need to close their hand or grip the handle.
It takes 20 minutes to feed somebody in your care however it only takes 20 seconds for them to become confident and comfortable using the KFS easy eat utensil available from or enquire from your preferred assistive eating adviser or rehabilitation facility.