"An Absolute HOOOT!"
"I love these labels!"
"They just get funnier with each label"
"Better than a card and better than a present, they are both!"

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Personality Pills…. For when you really, really have to get your message across! The label says it all! Sign the ‘prescription’ on the back of the bottle and your job is done. Personality Pills will do the rest using our 10,000 year old recipe for creating instant and long lasting improvements in the psychology and physiology of the recipient, immediately and painlessly. Just two things to do. Read the label and follow the instructions. If these steps are followed, the pills are absolutely, 100% guaranteed to work and if they don’t… well… they taste delicious anyway. We are bringing out special new Personality Pills all the time to celebrate you and your great sense of humour! Share them with your friends.

Sorry! Due to postage costs UK customers only at this special price.

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